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Border Okei

Border Okei です。
光と影 生身の人間それが Border Okei の芸術です。
Border Okeiの光と影のエネルギーは絵と音楽の表現に込められています。

・TVドラマBody Paint担当。各地でBody Paintイベント開催。
・Border Okei Live キャンバス絵画とアコースティックLiveを融合 Live&Art展開。


Winning a prize
Body paint & make-up professional artist also providing these services to the television industry
Personal Exhibition galleries to be held at various locations and many fans nationwide to growth in core!
Antya Shout Border Okei heart of Tokyo's real message in the song as a roll of LIVE performances.
Border Okei

Subjective figure is put to the boundary line of the slight heart that says as a the borderline.

Border Okei emphasizes the strength that is born from a borderline with a picture and a song with an original feeling.
The light and dark side of feelings are expressed in the art of Border Okei.

A heart that does not give up is a heart that has the ability to change faces
Strength and weakness, foresight and darkness, depression and melancholy
Love and pain, love and conflict, man and woman
Fear and loneliness, life and death, fear of death

Growing up as a child I was tormented by sudden panic attacks of dying someday.
I began painting pictures as a teenager during hospital stays for three lumbar operations.
The paintings were visualizations of the pain I endured during the stays.

It is the heart that continues to paint as the hand moves as if it is possessed.

"One that is seen paints the heart that is not seen with the picture" the one that is not seen and sing the message of heart with music.
That is the world of the picture and music of Border Okei.

Border Okei’s energy is spent towards the expression and creation of my music and art.


Border Okei live painting exhibitions are performed from the heart.

I sing light and darkness from the heart live. My living messages are conveyed through original tunes by Border Okei.

I also paint the art of Border Okei as mural painting art in open interior spaces.

Transience is expressed with the beauty of the art portrayed in body painting.

The heart of original art has it’s own uniqueness.


The light and dark side of feelings are expressed in the art of Border Okei.